Peter Grzybowski (born 1954, died 2013) was a graduate of Painting Faculty at Fine Arts Academy in Cracow, but worked both in the field of painting as well as in the field of performance. The latter was his main occupation after he had moved to the United States in 1985.

Paintings made between 1982 and 1986 functioned as a particular kind of documentation of his actions. These were often crude and brutal; in comparison, his canvases surprise with refined harmony. They are divided into three series: the first, from 1982, consists of works he made for his diploma; the second – “Cumulation” is a record of a performance of the same title, which took place at Grzybowski’s study at the 6th of October, 1982; the third – “Red Lights”, inspired by photography, includes usage of fluorescent paint and anticipates hypnotic imagery of rave scene and night clubs.

In the 90s, Grzybowski changed his practice radically, creating series of hyperrealistic canvases, which imitate textures of various kinds of wood and marble to a degree of illusion that makes them autonomous, perception-deceiving objects.

His works are located in collections of famous American collectors: John Hechinger, Bob Rotchild, Michael Rakosi, Raymond and Arlene Zimmerman as well as in private collections in Canada, France, Germany and Poland.