Edmund Okstom (born 1991) – a self-taught painter. He graduated in Cultural Anthropology at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. He was a finalist of the 12th Geppert Competition, awarded with the Rector of the Fine Arts Academy in Wrocław Prize.

Okstom’s paintings are characteristically classical in their technique, with the use of a narrow and dark palette waking associations with noir stylistics. Being highly influenced by XIXth century romantics, he does not avoid parallel references to the iconography of modern pop culture: movies by David Lynch and B-horrors, among others.

Since 2012, he took part in group exhibitions, such as “GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG” at the U Gallery in Wrocław, “POCO Sztuka w Agorze?” at the CK Agora Gallery in Wrocław, “Self-portrait – the Mirror and Other Memories” at the Biała Gallery in Lublin and “Border Crossings” at the 13 Muz Gallery in Szczecin. In summer 2016, he was included in a list of artists featured within the “KREW-WERK” exhibition, curated by Robert Kuśmirowski for the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw.