Krzysztof Maniak (born 1990) works with video, photography, object and performance. He graduated from the Faculty of Intermedia at the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, where he also enrolled in doctoral studies.

Maniak is the winner of the “Talenty Trójki 2013” competition. In 2015, he won the 14th edition of the “Hestia Artistic Journey” contest. He was awarded the City of Krakow grant as well as the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage prize. He also received the special mention at the Polish Biennale of Young Art “Rybie Oko 7”.

His works have been featured on solo shows such as: “Snow Is What Comes to Mind” at the BWA Gallery in Warsaw, “30 Seconds of Hanging from a Tree Branch Before It Broke” at the BWA Gallery in Katowice, “Scratches” at the Two Left Hands Gallery in Katowice and “The Stopped” at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Słupsk. Selected group shows he took part in include: “As you can see. Polish Art Today” at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, “Into the Country” at the Salt Ulus in Ankara and “Keep Both Feet on the Ground” at the BWA Gallery in Katowice and Tarnów.

Maniak portrays the melancholic landscape of the Polish hinterland by relying on small actions. In front of the camera, the artist puts on performances that simulate communication with the wilderness: he presses down grass to create paths in fields, stretches his body to measure distance between tree trunks and becomes part of the geometrical constellations created by twigs and piles of stones. What Krzysztof Maniak does is to reverse the process of colonization by blending in with the landscape.