Piotr Janas (born 1970) is a graduate of the Painting Faculty at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.

He is considered the first among “tired of reality” painters – an informal group of polish artists debuting in the first decade of the XXIst century, whose canvases, while rejecting an omnipresent demand for social commitment of art of the 90s, indicated a strong influence of surrealism and abstraction of the 50s and the 60s.

In Janas’s works, abstract elements are complemented by objects painted in a realistic manner and freely poured paint is arranged with geometric lines. Shapes associated with internal organs, body secretions and torn tissues are to confuse the viewer, causing the scopic pleasure and repulsion at the same time. Their sophisticated form adjoin an ironic use of kitsch aesthetic.

Janas’s solo exhibitions were presented by galleries he co-operates with: the Foksal Gallery Foundation in Warsaw, the Bortolami Gallery in New York and the Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch in Berlin. He took part in the Venice Biennial in 2003 as well as in many group shows, such as „Flesh at War with Enigma” at the Kunsthalle in Basel, „Infinite Painting – Contemporary Painting and Global Realism” at the Centro d’Arte Contemporanea in Codroipo and “Polish Painting of the XXIst Century” at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw.