Bartek Materka

Bartek Materka (born 1973) is a graduate of the Painting Faculty at the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow. He paints quiet, private canvases depicting his family and friends in everyday situations. Nevertheless, the style of Materka’s paintings is unique due to artist’s fascination with all kinds of seeing disorders. Materka investigates the way in which contemporary optic technology and various methods of producing images affect processes of human perception. Images we absorb via different media are converted on a neurological level and, as a consequence, feelings appear – stimuli as essential for the creative process as uncharted by science.

His works were presented in a number of solo exhibitions, such as, among others, “I Don’t Remember Her Name” at the Raster Gallery in Warsaw, “Cage” at Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow, “Painting” at the Platan Gallery in Budapest and “Adjacent Rooms” at Virginie Louvet Gallery in Paris. They are also located in numerous collections, such as MOCAK Museum of Modern Art in Cracow and Susan and Michael Hort Collection in New York.