Kamil Kukla

Kamil Kukla (born 1989) is a graduate of the Graphics Faculty at the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow. He paints thick, abstract canvases, deeply rooted in baroque painting tradition.

Among bold, organic shapes whirling in Kukla’s works one may find remote traces of – on the one hand – compositions of Rubens or Fragonard and – on the other hand – albums of Zdenek Burian, Czech painter and illustrator who specialized in paleontological reconstructions. At the same time, Kukla’s painting stays close to the new formalism.

Kukla was a finalist of the 10th edition of “Hestia’s Artistic Journey”. He took part in a number of group and individual exhibitions, such as “Still Life” at AS Gallery in Cracow, “Order Out Of Chaos” at Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw and “Artists from Cracow: The Generation 1980-1990” at MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow.