Łukasz Patelczyk

Łukasz Patelczyk (born 1986) is a graduate of the Painting Faculty at the Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. He is a laureate of the 10th edition of “Hestia’s Artistic Journey” and a finalist of the most important Polish painting competitions: Geppert Competition, “Bielska Jesień” Painting Biennial and the 1st International Painting Competition Modessqe.

Patelczyk has developed a very characteristic style, which is based on daring juxtapositions of geometric abstraction and classical landscape views. He paints in series, such as “Funeral portraits” or “Censored landscapes”, using a narrow, dark palette.

His works have been presented in group exhibitions, such as “Przez Pryzmat” at Palace of Art in Cracow and “Memory Portrait” at MD_S Gallery in Wrocław. His CV also consists of a number of individual shows, such as “Niebko” at the Pavilion of Art in Warsaw, “Krajobraz Po” at Nowa Gallery in Poznań and “Witchcraft” at R46 Gallery in Wrocław.