Łukasz Stokłosa

Łukasz Stokłosa (born 1986) is a graduate of Painting Faculty at Fine Arts Academy in Cracow. Despite honest devotion to the mass culture, his painting practice stays loyal to old masters’ rules. In his canvases, characters known from popular TV series and movies meet in dark interiors of greatest european palaces.

He is a finalist of the 11th Geppert Competiton and one of five Polish artists included in “100 Painters of Tomorrow” list.

He took part in many group exhibitions, such as “Endosymbiotic” at Zero Gallery in Berlin and “Ars Homo Erotica” at the National Museum in Warsaw. In 2011, his first solo show, entitled “Winter Story” took place in Zderzak Gallery in Cracow. Since then, his works have been presented in a number of individual exhibitions, such as “The Composition Of Paintings” and “No. 392” (both at Zderzak), „Gruppo Di Famiglia In Un Interno” at Kunstverein Assenheim in Niddatal and “Golden Cage” at Nunc Contemporary Gallery in Antwerp.