Zuzanna Ziółkowska/Hercberg

Zuzanna Ziółkowska/Hercberg (born 1981) is a PhD student at the Media Faculty at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. She used to study at the Warsaw Academy and at the Fine Arts Academy in Lodz as well.

The main theme of Ziółkowska/Hercberg’s paintings is memory – both in its individual and social dimension. She depicts personal and collective traumas is a paradoxical way, using bright, glaring paints that look as they were poured onto canvas freely. In fact, it is a result of a highly restricted process.

Her works were on show during the “Coming out” – the exhibition of the Warsaw Academy’s best diplomas, in the individual exhibition “Everywhere Is Everywhere” at Biała Gallery in Lublin and in a number of group shows, such as “Colors for the Planet” at UNESCO headquaters in Paris, “Progress and Hygiene” at Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, “Bielska Jesień” Painting Biennial finale, “Order Out Of Chaos” at Le Guern Gallery in Warsaw and “AAAcupuncture” at Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw.